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Once you have ordered a test, a Sample Collection Pack will be sent within 3 working days.


Collecting a Dried Blood Spot Sample



1.  Complete the patient information on the front of the Blood Collection Card.


2.  Wash your hands in warm water as this helps to soften the skin and encourage blood flow.  Select the finger or thumb to be pricked, wipe with the sterile cleansing wipe and allow to air-dry thoroughly.


3.  Remove the protective cap from the safety lancet and place the raised end of the safety lancet on the finger.  FIRMLY push the safety lancet to activate the lancet mechanism.  A slight prick may be felt as the skin is punctured.


4.  GENTLY massage the finger in the direction of the puncture site to obtain a drop of blood, but do not squeeze the finger.  Turn the finger over and touch the hanging drop of blood to a spot on the Blood Collection Card.  Allow the blood to soak into the filter paper.


5.  Continue to add drops of blood until the spot is FULL.  Typically, 2 large drops will be required for each spot.


6.  Repeat the blood collection procedure until two circles on the Blood Collection Card have been completely filled.

NOTE: if the blood flow stops before the blood collection has been completed successfully, it may be necessary to use the second safety lancet provided to puncture another finger.


7.  Bend the filter paper away from the card cover and allow the Blood Collection Card to dry for at least 3 HOURS.  Once dry, place it into the clear plastic transport bag and seal tightly.


8.  Complete the Test Order Form.  Please include an email address and daytime telephone number should we need to contact you.


9.  Place the Blood Collection Card and Test Order Form back into the plastic clam-pack and send to the CNS Laboratory using the pre-paid return envelope supplied.