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FoodPrint® Indicator - FAQs

Will this test tell me if I am suffering from a food allergy?
IgE antibodies are associated with true allergic reactions.  This test is designed to detect food  specific IgG antibodies related to Food Intolerance.

Will this test tell me what is causing my symptoms?
If you are sensitive to one or more foods the test will be positive. If you do not have any food sensitivity, the test will be reported as negative.

Do I have to collect the blood sample at a particular time of day?
No, samples can be collected at any time of day

How long will the sample remain stable in the post?
The IgG antibodies in the sample are stable for up to three weeks but samples normally only take 1-2 days to reach us

Could I be reacting to chemical additives in the food rather than the food itself?
Additives are small molecules which usually do not cause an immune response. However, some chemicals can produce intolerance symptoms without involving the immune system. They are best avoided if you suspect them.