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Coeliac Screen™ is a rapid screening test that offers a convenient and reliable method to detect the key autoantibodies commonly associated with coeliac disease (CD): tissue Transglutaminase (tTG).

Total antibody test: IgA/IgG/IgM- tTG
• IgA-tTG is the key antibody associated with CD

• IgA-tTG antibody is highly sensitive and specific for CD

• Patients with CD can exhibit IgA-deficiency, so testing for IgG-tTG prevents false negative results being obtained

• Recommended algorithm according to NICE clinical guideline 86 (IgA deficiency)


• Tests are straightforward and easy-to-use

• Tests are based on familiar lateral flow technology, making them convenient for use in a clinic

• Only a finger-prick blood sample is required, so less invasive for the patient

• Results are obtained in just 10 minutes, enabling practitioners to give immediate advice to patients*

• Affordable


Please note: Coeliac Screen™ kits are CE-marked for Professional Use Only.


*Clients who test positive with Coeliac Screen™ should be referred to a medical professional to confirm the diagnosis of coeliac disease.