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Welcome to our dedicated section for health practitioners.

CNS is keen to work with and through practitioners and provides a range of products and services, including:

  • Easy to order high quality laboratory tests at competitive prices
  • The Food Detective™ - bringing the lab into your practice
  •  Marketing support to help build your practice
  • Continuous Professional Development seminars

Whilst able to offer advice, CNS believes the best advice is provided by practitioners and refers clients to registered practitioners where possible.

Laboratory tests

You can either order tests for your client, or give your client a test request form so they can order the test. If ordered online you will see the test request on your account page, and results are emailed to you. CNS provides:

  • Foodprint® indicator test with easy online upgrade to a full test
  • Wide range of key laboratory tests
  • Access to our knowledge database to help with application of lab tests

Food Detective™

Food Detective™ is a great way to bring the laboratory into your practice. Food Detective™ can identify reactions to 59 commonly consumed foods in just 40 minutes. This cost effective and rapid solution puts you in control and allows you to deliver a complete and comprehensive food intolerance service. 

Marketing support to build your Practice

CNS recognizes the challenges you have in building your practice and wants to help you succeed:

  • prepared talks for you to use with potential clients
  • discount codes you can provide to your own clients for use online
  • PR support – both local and national

Continuous Professional Development

As with any modern profession, it is essential to keep yourself up to speed with developments and to maintain accreditations. CPD is an essential part of this. Not only that, but seminars are rewarding in their own right, and provide an excellent chance to meet and mix with other like-minded professionals.

The CNS Associate Practitioner (CAP's)

If you already use CNS then you might like to join our extended team as a ‘CNS Associate Practitioner’. CAPs help CNS in a number of areas including talk and seminar preparation, and explaining our services to others.