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Food Detective - FAQs: Yeast Reactivity

If I test positive to yeast, does this include brewers yeast?
Yes, the test includes both bakers and brewers yeast. If you test positive to yeast, it is vital that you plan ahead as yeast is present in many different foods.  Please consult the Dietary Support Guide (provided in the Food Detective™ box).

If I test positive for yeast, does that mean I have Candidiasis?
No, not necessarily, the test just shows that you have an elevated level of antibodies to yeast in your body. If you would like to confirm whether you have Candidiasis, then you should take a separate test for specific antibodies against the Candida albicans yeast.

What foods contain yeast?
Please consult the CNS Dietary Support Guide (provided in the Food Detective™ box).

What alcoholic drinks do not contain yeast?
All alcoholic drinks depend on yeasts to produce the alcohol, however distilling and filtering will tend to remove most of the yeast. Spirits, such as gin or vodka will have the lowest amount of yeast present compared with wines and beers.  Champagne also contains very little yeast.