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Getting ready for Summer: Bikini Body Tips
date added:02/06/2011

Getting ready for summer: Bikini body tips
If you have only just started to think about your fast-approaching summer holiday and fitting into last year’s bikini, don’t worry you are not alone! There is still plenty of time to get into shape.
According to the latest poll, Spain remains the top destination for British sun-seekers with its sandy coastlines, blue seas and cheap accommodation. Brits are flocking in their droves to the Iberian Peninsula and its surrounding sun-drenched islands despite the supposed economic downturn.
Croatia, known as the beautiful, unspoilt European destination, has also made an appearance in the Top Ten boasting quiet beaches and stunning views of traditional Eastern European architecture and landscapes.
All in all it seems we are searching for a holiday resort that offers us Sun, Sea and Sand – things that are few and far between in the UK. However, for many the thought of spending a whole week or even two in a skimpy bathing suit is far from our idea of paradise.
Something as simple as walking can help you shed the pounds. NHS Choices’ 10,000 steps a day challenge can really help kick-start your weight-loss regime and is easy to incorporate into your day-to-day routine.
Walking 10,000 steps would help to burn between 300-400 calories a day and can easily be achieved using a pedometer. To maintain weight-loss, you should incorporate exercise into a calorie-controlled diet and don’t forget you five-a-day fruit and veg!
If you are still having trouble losing weight, you may be suffering from food intolerance. Symptoms include bloating, IBS, migraines and weight control problems. Identifying “problem foods” and cutting these from your diet can often lead to weight loss.
Find out about food intolerance with an easy-to-use home testing kit for just £55. The Food Detective tests for 59 of the most common “problem” foods and takes just 45 minutes. For more information click here.

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