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Running with a Food Intolerance
date added:02/06/2011

Many runners, including marathon-guru Paula Radcliffe, suffer from unexplained bouts of stomach problems while out for a gentle run or running that all-important race. What they don’t realise is that a simple food intolerance could be causing these distressing symptoms.
Whether you’re running along the Thames Path taking in some of London’s most spectacular sights or training for The Great North Run, there is never a convenient time to be stopped in your tracks by crippling stomach cramps.
According to RunBritain, many runners suffer from food intolerance but are simply unaware that the food they eat and love is what is making them ill. Even a seemingly-healthy diet can be filled with common “problem foods” such as milk, wheat and soya.

Starting your day with a low-fat yogurt and a skinny latte could be the cause of an IgG reaction by your immune system that provokes symptoms of IBS, stomach cramps and migraines. Symptoms of food intolerance are often slower to appear than allergic symptoms, making it harder to identify the cause.
Paula Radcliffe, 37, was very surprised to find out she was intolerant to some of her everyday favourites including chicken, egg whites, wheat and gluten. Although it seemed like a lot of foods, Paula adapted her diet to include more fish and red meats and her symptoms improved.
The UK’s leading allergy advice charity, Allergy UK, explains that many people find it difficult to get help about food intolerances from the medical profession because relatively little is known in the area.
A food diary can be a useful tool in helping to identify the problem foods, however, as symptoms can appear up to 48 hours after the problem food is consumed this can be a long-winded route to diagnosis.
Cambridge Nutritional Sciences are experts in food intolerance testing and offer a wide range of tests to both healthcare professionals and the general public. Its products are all CE-marked and approved by Allergy UK.  Find out if you have a food intolerance by clicking here.

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