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I am currently taking medication can I still do the test?

If you are taking steroid or hydrocortisone containing medicine or creams in the past 7 days, do not perform the test. This includes inhalers and nasal sprays. If you are supplementing with DHEA do not perform the test.


Any other medication that you routinely take should not affect the test.

Can I use a different method to collect the saliva?

To ensure your sample is not rejected, please use the collection tubes provided which have been validated for this test.

What if I cannot produce enough saliva?

Relaxing can greatly help saliva ow. We therefore suggest that before collection you relax, sit quietly for a few minutes and let the saliva accumulate in your mouth.

Some tips that may help stimulate saliva flow:

Move your tongue around in your mouth as this can stimulate saliva flow.

Sit with a cookbook or food magazine and look at the pictures, or alternatively think of your favourite food/meal or cook it.

Can I take my sample over a couple of days?

No, your samples all need to be taken on the same day. If you are doing shift work then please take at the times that would ‘represent’ a normal day for you, i.e. when you wake up and throughout your waking time up and including to when you go to bed.